safe care for individuals on ventilators in the community

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Please support us in securing "safe and adequate" care to enable my daughter to continue to live a full and productive life in our community. My daughter should not have her life put at risk due to budget cuts!

If we support people on ventilators in our community, they have the ability to become independent. These individuals then have an opportunity to contribute to society and be self supportive. People on life support need to feel well and have as much preventative care in place so they do not become critically ill.

 Critically ill patients that are dependent on our system for support can cost up too and more than  500,000 a year. This burdens all of us with heavier taxes and saturates our health care system ,which is very short on adequate resources to accommodate these individuals in the community to start with.

critical nursing assessment is needed on an ongoing basis to actually provide any kind of consistency of care to these individuals. Nurses need to manage the in home, care planning and provide nursing care in the home to avoid frequent hospital admissions and Emergency visits.

This will have a direct effect on the wellness of these individuals, quality of life and longevity. Self directed care is able to provide a much more comprehensive service to these individuals. we have had the same nurse for 25 years with assessment skills that have been critiqued to my daughter for that period of time. It is vital to us that we keep her in place to keep my daughter safe and well. Bonnie's prognosis was she would live till 5 years old and she is now 34 years old . Our care plan that is in place, is being threatened and is a direct reflection of her success and longevity .

She has only had two hospital admissions in 16 years because with our nursing staff we can manage critical situations at home . Last years admission cost for the amount of days she was ill would of exceeded 200,000 dollars alone. The care plan in place now is so much cheaper for our health care system. I am having a difficult time to understand this decision in light of these facts!

The PC government in Manitoba wants to take this away and provide us with a nurse , whom does not know Bonnie. Who may or may not show up! Who missed her nursing assessments on a yearly basis for the last 16 years. Homecare is a broken system that is not working for many and chooses to cut funding over ensuring adequate ,competent and safe care to individuals on ventilators in our communities

Individuals in our communities have died as a direct result of having untrained staff to care for them. We need to speak up as individuals and protect our individuals with special needs in our communities. This could be your son or daughter or a parent.

We ask you to sign our petition and take a stand with us for the right to safe health care that provides individuals whom are trained with a adequate knowledge base to assist them in formulating live saving decisions for these individuals in our community.

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