Stop 2​.​5 million dollars going to the RCMP

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The city of Kelowna has an 8.1 million dollar surplus in their budget. They plan on giving 2.5 million of that to the RCMP. This is a problem for a number of reasons. First of all we are in the middle of a pandemic, citizens are struggling to pay bills, local business are struggling to stay open, and they could use the money for that. We also have a huge homelessness and opioid overdose crisis, that could use funding. Secondly we have already had a protest calling to defund the police after numerous wellness checks have resulted in citizens being assaulted. Also 40% of sexual assault claims have been dismissed the past two years, which shows that the RCMP aren’t preventing crimes or solving then, and we are not safe. additionally the 2.5 million would go to unionizing the RCMP, which would make it almost impossible to fire the officers or hold them accountable in any way, if they were assaulting or murdering citizens. I am creating this petition as a way to spread awareness and to show the city council that this is not the best way to spend the surplus and it would be better spend invested in community programs. Programs that help with mental illness, homelessness, addictionand at risk youths.