For the City of Kelowna to honor it's agreement with Rutland Centennial Park Concept #2

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During the fall of 2014, a resolution for transfer of ownership of the Centennial Park from Rutland Park Society to the City of Kelowna took place. In February 2015 the City of Kelowna officially took over the  Rutland Centennial Park. There was an agreement to  RPS that Where are the pickle ball courts the community was promised? In 2014, three options for the park were presented by city planners to the RPS board, members and public. Where most of the people in attendance chose option 2. What happened to concept #2 - the park concept the residents overwhelmingly chose? Right! February 2015 our City Counsel scrapped the options and chose for Rutland a combination of items that suited their needs. A soccer field, basketball court with lights and ultimate frisbee. Let's shoot on over to 2017 and still no money in the budget for Rutland Centennial Park. 

Please sign this petition to ensure we the people of Rutland whom have had this land since 1939, make sure that the City of Kelowna follows through with the agreed upon contract when they took ownership of the Centennial Park. You and your families deserve better.