Keep Sonoma Valley Hospital Birth Place Open

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In May of 2017, after labor and delivery nurses took a pay cut in order to keep the Birthplace open, anesthesiologists were requested to lower their fees and employees were laid off, Kelly Mather and the Sonoma Valley Hospital ran a campaign for Measure E, a $250 parcel tax. The original vote was “no” in 2016, but with the new campaign came new promises:

Measure E will provide necessary funding for the hospital and the ER, and ensure that the Sonoma Valley community can continue to benefit from the Birthplace and many other wonderful services. 

This is directly from their campaign. Many single-family homes, many couples just starting their their families, voted yes on this measure simply to keep the birthplace. 

This community is strong and our hospital is one of the few places that really is FOR the people of our community. Their mission statement — that it is to maintain, improve and restore the health of EVERYONE in our community — even exemplifies this. However, they have now opted to close The BirthPlace in October 31,2018. 

There is a deep sense of pride in this Valley, of those born here and those who make Sonoma Strong. We are a tight knit community that helps everyone. And for that I am grateful. 

The BirthPlace is home to some of the most vulnerable moms in our valley. I know. I am one of them. I was one who couldn’t drive to the hospital in labor. Who had to utilize the ER multiple times throughout pregnancy, only to have an overflowing ER and be rushed up to The BirthPlace for care. I know I am not the only one. 

The Birth Place at Sonoma Valley Hospital is vital to our community, to the new families who are making Sonoma home, to the deep rooted pride that comes with being a Sonoman, and to the most at-risk women during pregnancy. They have saved multiple lives through the years and they will continue to do so. 

I petition Sonoma Valley Hospital to see the BirthPlace as a starting point of continued care for our community and follow through on not just their mission statement, but on their Measure E campaign promise and keep The BirthPlace open. 


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