Show Kelly Marie Tran that we love her and that not all Star Wars fans are evil

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Kelly Marie Tran recently delteled all of the posts of Instagram because of constant abuse from salty Star Wars fans. This is not okay. She is a wonderful person and deserves to know that. Some people didn’t like her character. Fine. Everyone has a right to an opinion she just doesn’t deserve to be hounded with it.

Most of her posts were about how expectation vs reality. She made it very clear in her posts that her photo shoot and premier looks were not what she always looks like and how it takes hours of makeup and preparation. Obviously everyone wants to look good but society has such high expectations that are sometimes impossible for young people to achieve. Kelly understood the pressures and went out of her way to make inspirational posts and a lot of people really appreciated them and were happy that there was a celebrity that they could relate to. 

We have already lost one main female character from social media (Daisy Ridley) as she felt so anxious to post anything because of the reaction she might get from the fans and the general public. Famous people should not feel scared to post on social media. Yes they might be in a blockbuster movie or sing real good but does that mean they aren’t normal people with normal feelings? Why does that make people think they can abuse them behind a screen? 

Sorry I’m going off on a rant but at the end of the day Kelly Marie Tran is an inspiration to young people and if she wants to stay off social media we’d respect her decision but she just needs to know that she is loved and appreciated by a lot of fans. 

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