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Legalization of Marijuana in Illinois

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Other than the civil liberties argued in the legalization of marijuana, legalization within the state of Illinois would promote change beyond legalization itself. It would create a new revenue for taxation in which Illinois could profit thousands of dollars on. Thus providing a stable economic foundation which could help push our state to the creation of a state budget and make us more financially independent. Additionally, with the legalization of marijuana we would put dangerous drug lords out of business. Since the distribution of marijuana is unregulated, when conflicts arise they typically resort to violence due to the lack of government intervention.  Once regulated, our crime rate would drop drastically, and our police enforcement could be centered towards crimes that actually put people in danger. On the topic of police enforcement, our state could save up to $300 million on drug enforcement with the legalization of marijuana.  Such a small plant could spark such great change within our communities. A financially independent state, a state budget plan, a mutual trust between citizens and their government, a new tax revenue, and the possibility of new jobs for a fast growing industry, Illinois could bring herself out of her current struggles and bring people together for a brighter tommorow. 

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