More implementation of equality and representation of LGBT issues in college life.

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Hi all.

I am an LGBT school pupil who feels that there is not enough equality implementation within the schools in the Strangford area. I attend college in the Ards Peninsula and our school has no support mechanisms in place to benefit LGBT students.

During my entire 6 and a half years attending college, I had ONE lesson on sexuality. This was a start but we have so far to go. 

Equality is vitally important for people to excel in who they are, develop their personality and to feel free to express themselves in a world moving forward.

In the school, bullying occurs. It happens in every school within the country. I have experienced it first hand and what was the reason for it? My sexuality. Other people in my school get bullied because of their sexuality or LGBT status. I have seen this in the school corridors. This is not only towards those who are in the LGBT community, this happens to people who are perceived as 'gay' or a 'homo'. What I want to see is MORE support for individuals who are bullied for who they are. I want to see more lessons on sexuality, genders and to provide a larger foundation of teaching based on modern issues within society. This way, more people will be aware of the LGBT community and hopefully it can decrease the number of people affected by bullying in terms of LGBT issues. 

I completely understand and respect the Christian ethos of the schools in the Strangford area, particularly from being brought up in a Christian family. I just want the schools in the area to be more aware of the people who surround them. I want them to give people support to thrive and develop as individuals because this is a hugely relevant topic that needs addressed. 

I do not want to leave my school without trying to benefit other members of the LGBT community because this is such an important and relevant topic in 2018 and I need to help support other people like me. I would hate to go back to my younger student days because I felt very alone because there is nothing in my school to help me to understand what I was feeling. 

What I am asking for is more support, more diverse lessons and more awareness for those who need it most. 

Would you sign my petition and help me try to do the best for other members of the LGBT community?