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Make medical marijuana legal in NC for chronically ill patients.

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What brings me to petition legalizing medical marijuana would be more than just one reason. However, if I had to start with one, that would surely be getting my normal life back. I nor my family have been the same since my getting sick with Lyme Disease, debilitating migraines, CFS/ME, & then Fibromyalgia came on. These illnesses cause excruciating pain, not to mention all the intermittent pain of electric shock, pins/needles, burning in/out my back/shoulders. Lower/hip/sciatic/thoracic spine pain is constant. My legs/feet hurt, so heavy like sandbags, with wringing/twisting pressure on my arms. My chest is tender/sore and my ribs stay sore/tender with lymph nodes that are always swollen/tender. That isn't everything, but I'm getting away from the point. My children have grown up in an environment of watching their mom go through hell & they've suffered by missing out on the times we could've spent playing a game, going for a walk, or cooking my family a meal because the smell is too much & I can't stand up good . I've missed so many events  that I know they really wanted me to be there for them. My husband & children have sacrificed so much. I used to sing, was an avid gardener, could make or do whatever, seamstress, poet/writer, artist, jewelry design, volunteer, and that was stripped from me slowly like a thief in the night. Medical marijuana would benefit me as well as other chronically ill patients to regain some aspect of a quality of life. I know personally that for me, I would much rather go with a natural plant than prescription drugs with fillers & binders in them. I feel deeply that it would help me get back on a path to healing and in hopes of healing others like me. Please consider all the lives at stake when making this decision because it really does matter. There are so many families just like mine counting on your help and your vote. Thank you for taking time to read about my struggles. I am ever so humbled.  

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