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Kellogg's: Remove GMOs from your products.

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I am a high school student from California. While doing a project on GMOs, I became surprised and dismayed at the lack of long-term health and safety testing for GMOs, and the number of studies indicating possible serious health effects from GMOs, such as organ damage, allergies, and immune system disruption. Did you know that the rise in the use of GMOs in the U.S. has increased the use of herbicides from 1.5 million pounds in 1999 to 90 million pounds in 2011? That is a 5,900% increase in herbicides in a span of twelve years.

Recent research from MIT indicates that the rise in herbicide use could be behind the rise of many chronic problems and diseases, such as Parkinson’s, infertility, and cancers. The harm from GMOs also harms our farmers. Because of this explosion of herbicide use, super weeds are growing that are resistant to herbicides. Now farmers will be forced to use even stronger herbicides and pesticides to control these “super” weeds. Residues from those pesticides and herbicides remain in our food.

Children are the most susceptible to the harmful effects of GMOs and herbicides. Their bodies, organs, brains, and nervous systems are still developing. Also, their body’s ability to expel toxins is not as mature as an adult’s.

My brother and I have been eating GMO foods our entire lives, and both have many food allergies and other chronic health issues. This is also true for many kids my age, and younger. And these chronic allergies and illnesses in children are increasing every year.

Kellogg’s is a popular corporation that markets its products to children, yet they have GMOs in their ingredients. Looking at the ingredients of some of their most popular cereals such as Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes, corn is the first or second ingredient listed. Yet, 88% of corn grown in the US is GMO.

Join me in asking Kellogg’s to lead the industry in removing GMOs from their products. That could truly inspire a better world.

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