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Changes in Sem's Dress Code+ENFORCEMENT

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The student body's voice needs to be heard. Sem prides itself on individuality and empowerment, but aspects of the dress code heavily contradicts these morals. Being kept from class because my skirt does not reach my fingertips and because my hem is frayed is not what I thought the represenation of Sem was. We value education, but how can we do that when ours is being threatened to be revoked simply because we do not adhere to more conservative standards? How can Sem give us a voice, in fact, ASK for a voice, with things like a Dress Code Committee, but then strip it away without notice? How can we be told that it's okay to question things and to stand up for ourselves, but when we do, we aren't really heard? The dress code enforces the hypersexualization of our clothing and our bodies, whether explicitly said or not, and rape culture. Intentionally or not, this is what this dress code says to us currently. We keep being met with rebuttals that don't address our questions and countless contradictions. Sign this petition if you agree with my modifications of the dress code and if you want it, and the way that dress code infractions are being handled, to be changed. 

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