Destiny village sober housing shutdown

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Destiny village on teddy place in west Babylon is a sober house and on June 29. 2017 my loving boyfriend and Chelsea loving brother Dylan Caruso passed away from an overdose. Before that day on Saturday he had overdose in this sober house and was let back in. Sober houses after someone overdoses they either kick them out or send them to a detox program and let them come back. I was told by the former house manager that when they found Dylan on the morning of June 29, 2017 he just closed the door and waited for the cops. No cpr and no Narcan the two things that could have saved his life they didn’t do. The former house manager who was arrested for stealing money is no longer the house manager. Destiny village and the house manager should take responsibility for Dylan death. Dylan and others people had told me this two house who are right next to each other on teddy place are all using  alcohol and drugs. It not a sober house it a crack house. We need to shut it down. Please share and sign this to get destiny village shutdown for good. 


KellieAnn Feeney 

Chelsea Caruso