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Stoltz USA Must Improve Security/Public Safety at The Promenade Mall in Palos Verdes

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To: Keith Stoltz ( kstoltz@stoltzusa.com ) and Stoltz USA Management (Owners and Operators of The Promenade on the Peninsula Mall in Rolling Hills Estates, CA):

Since you claim, and I quote from your online Nextdoor press release, dated May 7, 2018, "The safety and security of our guests and retailers is of the utmost importance" what specific security measures has your ownership group implemented or will be implementing in the near future?

If you read all of the comments across a half-dozen related posts on Nextdoor, you will see many of your customers have had their vehicles broken into, items stolen and even violent encounters in your mall and at the mall parking garage.

The Promenade on the Peninsula is home to many medical offices, pediatric dental practices, family friendly dining choices like Ruby's, Good Stuff, Red Brick Pizza, after school facilities like Amuse Music Center, Elite Dance Studio and Peninsula Academy.
Our kids and families frequent your mall several times a week and the community needs you to finally step up and provide real security and public safety solutions.

We need you to install and have a working state of the art CCTV camera surveillance system that is actively monitored throughout the mall and all levels of the parking garage.

We need better lighting in the parking garage and emergency call boxes that are located in areas of highest risk.

We need patrols of competent security guards.

We need a broadcast system and reverse 911 system to alert shop owners of lockdown situations.

The 43,000+ residents of Palos Verdes look forward to your reply and dedication to vastly improve the current poor and almost non-existent security of your mall property.

Implementation of these security improvements are way over-due. If "safety and security of our guests and retailers is of the utmost importance" then we challenge you to prove it with actions instead of words!