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Sheriff Rowland was first sued by Clant Seay in August 2016 as a result of the Sheriff attempting to enforce Seay from videoing at a horse show as the video rights of that horse show had been previously sold.  As a result of Sheriff Rowland advising Seay not to video as exclusive video rights had been sold, Seay retaliated by suing Rowland.  That lawsuit has been ongoing and is still pending.

More recently, Seay has filed another lawsuit against Sheriff Rowland on behalf of the owners of Horse Plus Humane Society because they were asked to leave a restricted area at a local horse show.  The Preisners were protesters turned spectators who attempted to enter a restricted area.  The restriction is the result of federal law and federal regulation, not the horse show and not the Sheriff.  Again, Seay retaliated with yet another lawsuit.

Seay is now being allowed to purchase paid ads in the Columbia Daily Herald that targets and harasses Sheriff Rowland by misaligning him with "animal cruelty" and encouraging viewers to "vote out" the cruelty.  These ads are retaliatory in nature and are intended to deceive the readers into believing that Sheriff Rowland supports animal cruelty.  The fact is that the Tennessee Walking Horse show which Seay and the Preisners are protesting is a show held in accordance with federal law.

Tell the Columbia Daily Herald to stop providing Seay a forum and stop taking the dollars of animal rights activists.  Take a stand for Sheriff Rowland.  Take a stand for law enforcement.  Take a stand for facts!

*Photo is a post by Seay confirming pads do not harm the horse.