Help Make Pino Demasi OFFICIAL

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People are spreading lies upon Pino Demasi, so here’s a countermeasure. Pino is technically a self employed news reporter. He DOES NOT hide what he does, or his qualifications. He’s not going to tell you he went to a Harvard program in a media program... he’s a typical guy that just does what he gets. He puts in effort for this and that, as you can see him regularly indulging in the court system, which is a big concept for him, and he credits his sources appropriately. No, the government of Canada won’t look at him and call him a professional. No ones saying they do. So what’s the big deal? If you’re too conceited in emotional concern, of course what he does offends you and always will, Boohoo.

Stop being so salty, god damn, McDicks hit ya’ll up when they do salt orders. Calm down, and stoping being a bloody douchebag. You don’t NEED to listen to him. You don’t NEED to read or watch his articles. Awe, others might? Use it as reliable information? Believe it? Oh no, you disagree with them or they are wrong, they are wrong about a passing topic in your tiny little bubble we call conversation, end of the world, right? Salt doesn’t corrode the earth, we’re fine, thank god, guess we should just be greatful we get to live and do something useful. If you honestly believe it’s going to change anything, well, poor you. If he was doing anything wrong, he would be arrested... hence why people are making petitions, cause cops won’t do anything. All he has is information, if it’s wrong and noticeable, credibility will be found, it’s social media, come on. Let’s all stop whining, suggest things to Pino that could help (Oh no, he’s actually a nice guy? No way!), and move on. End the cycle rather than making the back of frothing.

Personal story
I’m just an anonymous “Concerned Citizen”, ha, get it? I saw a petition to stop Pino from reporting... and I thought why? It’s not harming anyone, makes a lot of people happy, and I was bored, the trivialness of what Pino does is so great, none of this was about whatever I put as a topic... it’s a free time thing out of boredom and just want to get the sense of supports vs. anti? Sign this If you support what Pino does!