STOP Big Box Senior Center in Downtown Clayton, CA

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The downtown Clayton, CA city owned lot is potentially going to be the new home of ANOTHER senior care center in downtown Clayton. The 3-Story building and accompanying building is much too large AND aesthetically out of place for our quaint small downtown with it's charms and mix of rustic and historic buildings. There will be no place left for our BBQ Cookoff, Octoberfest Carnival and Art & Wine Festival etc.. Clayton will start looking like any other Contra Costa town and the reason we love it will be lost.

It has been told to me by the developer that the retail will be practically given away which means that those existing businesses (few there are) will go to the new building and existing commercial / retail will be unable to compete with rent. Thus, lots will be gobbled up and further developed - blocking views of Mt. Diablo and surrounding scenic hills. Firetrucks, Ambulances and healthcare service vehicles supplying the facility will increase large vehicle traffic on our small main street and center street approaches.