Dress Code Policy, Less Strict

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Students are being told to wear specific clothing to school. If they were to break that rule, they are sent to the office to change into clothes that are given by an Admin. The students are not able to learn everything being taught in class because they are being pulled out to change for what they are wearing. We should be allowed to wear whatever we want in school. The way we dress and look helps express the kind of person we are. It is important for students to feel free to use anything they want without being told to change. All students should be able to feel comfortable and not ashamed on how they look. As a girl, the dress code policy is more stricter rather than the boys. I feel this is unfair for the genders because it points out what the school does and does not want to see in our clothing. I have been caught for dress code several times just because there was too much skin showing. We are being forced to wear clothes that does not even make us feel right. Students are told to shop for clothing that are within dress code and not use clothes that we already have in our closets. This makes it harder for people to find outfits that fits within the dress code. Dress code policy makes us feel uncomfortable because it shows that we need to dress a specific way since it is known as a distraction. The whole purpose of attending school is to learn varieties of subjects to get an education, not being able to dress under these rules. It is too strict because we could even be suspended for violating the school policy more than once. Changing the dress code policy gives students freedom to wear what they want and feel just as good when they are learning as well. 

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