Save Our Temple Inn

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                                             The Temple Inn

                                              82 Forest Road

                                                Liss Forest

                                                GU33 7BP

 The above public house was closed by its owner, Fuller Smith @ Turner Plc, in February, 2017. 

This was the only public house in Liss Forest. Without the pub, the community has lost its only place to meet and socialize. Without a meeting place, the community is lost. 

Under Section 70 of the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) of 2012, local planning authorities are required to guard against the unnecessary loss of valued facilities. We have already lost our post office and shops. We do not want to lose our pub for good.  Our village has a great community spirit, but losing the pub would be severely detrimental to that and it is not something that we can allow to happen. 

Whilst we hope that our petition will demonstrate the strength of feeling about The Temple Inn, we would also encourage you to write to the council to explain what our Temple Inn means to you and why we cannot allow it to simply become another one of the twenty pubs a week that closes in the UK.

Please address your letters to Keith Budden. His contact detail are below: 



                                             Cllr Keith Budden

                                 East Hampshire District Council

                                                  Penns Place



                                                   GU31 4EX