Boycott Gas Stations in Historic Howell Station - Close The Loophole

Boycott Gas Stations in Historic Howell Station - Close The Loophole

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For some time now, residents of our neighborhood have dealt with the reality of a gas station being built less than 20 feet away from the beginning of the residential section of our street at 1222 West Marietta Street. The measures taken to get this new build approved have been increasingly distressing to us - they have left many of us feeling that the laws that were put in place to ensure our quality of life as Atlanta residents are easily sidestepped by developers "in the know". We feel that our voices have NOT been heard; moreso, that they have been ignored in favor of loopholes and tricky business moves that are so transparent, it's sickening.

Now, we see yet another set of violations happening on this property, once again with complete disregard for the City Ordinance that is intended to protect US, your constituents.

City Ordinance 16-12.006 prohibits service stations on C-2 lots abutting and along the same street frontage as a residential district. When this property was subdivided to ensure that the gas station lot would not directly abut our residential district, a substandard lot was created. The substandard lot violates dimension and access requirements of the Zoning Ordinance and is an illegal “substandard lot” under City Ordinance 16-28.006 (1) and (4). The fact that this property division was ever allowed is disheartening in and of itself.

Further, it's now become clear that the owners of the gas station property are illegally utilizing the substandard buffer lot for construction, AND it appears that they plan to continue use of this lot after construction, based on the fact that a new curb cut has been installed on that buffer lot. See photos attached. Therefore, the tiny, illegal, substandard "buffer lot" that was supposed to be the only thing keeping us from living directly adjacent to a gas station has been, for all intents and purposes, erased. The gas station DOES, illegally, abut a residential district.

We implore you to listen to your residents and STOP WORK on this gas station until these violations have been addressed. What is the purpose of City Ordinances if they can be sidestepped at every turn? These loopholes in the Zoning laws should be closed; but if they aren't, we should at least use reasonable judgement to see when a developer is clearly using those loopholes to circumvent the intent of the laws.

Excerpt from a recent News Article: 

ATLANTA — Residents in the historic Howell Station neighborhood of Atlanta are speaking out against a gas station that they say is being built illegally.
A group of protesters out near the property, on Saturday, said the gas station will sit too close to residential property and should not be allowed. Some property owners near the construction said they plan to sell.
A member of the group described them as 300 families and that many, if not all, neighbors had been vocal about the construction project. The group is also working to get signatures from those directly impacted by the gas station.
In short, the group suggests that it believes placing a 24-hour gas station next to private residential properties is not legal due to zoning restrictions. The group claims an alteration of the lot designation now places it next to what developers claim is an empty lot.
A critic of the new gas station said emails to the City of Atlanta have gone unanswered. And with the battle continuing, some neighbors decided to take to the street in direct protest of the project.
The National Park Service lists Howell Station Historic District in hits national register of historic places. The neighborhood is located northwest of downtown Atlanta and, according to the agency, is dominated by light industry associated with development along Marietta Street. 
Much of the original development was destroyed during General William Sherman's "March to the Sea" but, according to the National Park Service, developers began redeveloping the area in the 1890s.

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