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Bowen Needs A Mental Health Assessor

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Someone you love or someone you know or even a stranger and they show signs of threats to others, suicide acting out of character, strange, different, bizarre and the police are called.  The police ask questions & if they find that there is no risk to themselves or anyone else it is at an end. Even though you know something is not right.  What would you be thinking?

Same scenario above and you get a Justice Examination Order because you know something is not right.  The police take them to the hospital (it's not voluntary) the doctor asks them questions then they phone Mental Health in Mackay and if they don't see risk from there answers they are released.  What would you be thinking?

They haven't seen a Trained Mental Health Professional.  They go home, no after care nothing.  This can happen numerous times. What would you be thinking?

I do appreciate what our doctors, nurses, police, ambulance and fire fighters do every day for us all. No doubt they are frustrated with the system for I feel it is failing everyone.  They are following protocol.  

There is no help for them unless they seek the help. 

That is why I feel Bowen needs a Mental Health Assessor.  For that matter every regional town. 

Mental Illness doesn't discriminate and it comes in many forms, fortunately there is light at the end of the tunnel we just have to shine that light.

This is my opinion. Please show your support as this is for the whole community.



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