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Put The Michael Baisden show back on the air now!

The Michael Baisden show has been the voice of the people for years now and is the only one of its kind. The topics discussed on the show are so relevant to his listeners and address the real issues that no one else wants to talk about. He uses his platform for good, by being the voice of so many communities and by removing him from the air, they are trying to silence our voice. Just think of how many topics that were addressed on his show, and have unified people of all races and sexes, which would’ve never been heard if it had not been for his show. Think about all of the changes that we were able to bring about because of him refusing to let things be swept under the rug or forgotten about. We will not take this sitting down. We will not let our voice be silenced. We MUST fight this, because it seems that this is only the beginning of a widespread attempt at removing an avenue that has been so beneficial to so many communities, people and issues.

Here is a statement from Michael Baisden that I think sums up the reasoning behind these actions:
"Do we really prefer music and jokes over content? I don’t know about you, but I think we’re going to down a dangerous path as African American, and as Americans in general, when we allow our voices to be silenced on FM radio while personalities like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and others continue to spew racist, divisive, and sexiest language over hundreds of radio stati...ons across the country. The public cannot be expected to act if they don’t know there is a emergency, they cannot march if they don’t know who’s right have been violated, and they cannot fight if they have been put to sleep by buffoonery and the repetitive recycling of what is often bad music." Michael Baisden


You can call them to express your feelings on this at 212-447-1000.

 Their website is and the VP & General Manager is listed as Deon Levingston,


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