Keep Our Neighborhood Public Schools Open

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Rumi Koshino
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On June 27th, 2018 the OUSD school board passed “The Community of Schools Policy,” policy 6006 which will result in up to 24 public school closures or consolidations. OUSD's reports show that most of the schools impacted are located in East Oakland. Public schools in West Oakland will also be affected. These public school closures and consolidations will disproportionately impact African American, Latino, and low-income communities. There is no risk of closure to the higher-income public schools that serve hills families, or charter schools. This is not equity.

On December 18th, the week before the holiday season, Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell announced the first closure with ROOTS International Academy, to the shock of parents, teachers, and students. ROOTS is a middle school located on the Havenscourt campus in East Oakland. The policy calls for “sufficient community engagement and input,” but ZERO Roots families and school community were included in this decision. Though Roots shares a campus with CCPA, a middle/high school, CCPA is not prepared to grow its enrollment to take all Roots students. Hundreds of ROOTS students who live in the neighborhood will be displaced without their neighborhood public school.

School closures create instability in our families and neighborhoods. It is displacement - of students, families and school staff. The long term implications include changing neighborhoods and community lives. Multiple decision makers and outside groups are moving to close our neighborhood public schools but none of them have talked to us about what our students and neighborhoods need and deserve. We need real representation from our elected representatives and for the Ca State Superintendent of Education to fully fund and protect our neighborhood public schools. We deserve to have solutions include our needs and experiences. We need fully funded public school programming, and real support for our teachers and school staff.

There can be no decisions about us, without us!

 Stand with Oakland’s public school communities:

1. Keep our neighborhood public schools open!

2. Reject the Community of Schools policy and any policy that calls for closing public schools in low-income communities of color.  

3. Prioritize the work of listening to our sites and communities.

4. We demand full funding and real shared decision making for our community run public schools.