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This name comes from a community that was know for the cement industry that at one time was a huge company. Many people have graduated from this school, and had no proble with the name.These people starting and signing are not even from the area .please keep the name

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keeping the the northampton mascot name
not change it from years its been there
Proud to be a Konkrete Kid!!
I just read what I would call the most close minded stupidest request to change our school mascot name. All because someone gets the notion that it has some sort of far-fetched racist origins!! Are you kidding me?!! Let me tell you the name has its origins in the largest manufacturing business in Northampton...The cement industry... Which employed thousands of people in its day!! The people it employed were from all races and nationalities. Everyone was proud to support the business which employed the vast majority of the community in some form or another. The mascot name was altered to obviously have a play on spelling so you could be a K-Kid... And be proud to be a Konkrete Kid. And now someone has this brain-fart of an idea that it is racist because it has three "k"s in the spelling!!! Are you for real??!!! I am a Konkrete Kid!! My parents are Konkrete Kids... my kids are Konkrete Kids.. I am proud to be a Konkete Kid!! And I Never in all my life made any connection as ridiculous as these accusations!! People need to do their research and know what community pride and origins are before requesting such absurd far reaching conclusions!!if you detest it that much than move!! Why does an entire community need to change a long standing tradition because of an short term outsider who THINKS they know?/

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