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Keeping the Frog Team Together

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Dear All,

This petition has been started in attempt to keep the Frog Group teachers together. This petition is not in any way commenting on the talent or quality of the other teachers in the DSW Kiga.

Frau Haggerty and Frau Hylla have been working together for many years and have been doing it like a well oiled machine. They enjoy working together and it is noticed by our children and parents alike. The children are excited to go to school to see their friends and just as much, their teachers. As a parent, I have always felt welcomed in the class, to stick around, to see first hand all the hugs they get from their students and to see the attention each student and parent gets from each of them. 

Many new families arrive during the year and many leave, which means, some of our children's friendships are disrupted. This year in the Frog Group we had one new student arrive during the school year and another student leave. Of the 20 children there will be only about 4-5 children remaining while the others go on to SEL/SES or back to Germany or other countries. This is a big change for all of the students. Those that are leaving will have completely new surroundings. The excitement of what lies ahead may be greater than the sadness they may feel from leaving some of their friends.

Then there are the children that remain for one more year at the DSW Kiga. Like my daughter. She started at DSW in the Panda group and with some of her friends from the Panda's moved on to the Frogs. Where she had already made friends before the Panda school year ended since the younger students moving up would integrate with the older class to get to know everyone before the big move the following year. This, I believe, is a great thing the Kiga does to prepare the children changing classes and teachers. However, next year she will remain in the Frog Group with barely a handful of her friends by her side. Many new students will arrive and I want her to keep thriving and growing her confidence as she has with her teachers, Frau Hylla & Frau Haggerty. To change her teachers now, after most of her friends have moved on, will be too many changes. She will be losing her friends and then also her teachers. I believe this will impact her confidence.

Children need some consistency in their lives, they thrive on it. The school should be a safe place where this consistency exists. I would like to discourage the school from splitting up Dagmar Haggerty and Sabine Hylla. They are the children's constant variable during this poignant time in their lives, especially when consistency cannot be given at home.

If you agree with the above, even if your child may not be affected by this possible splitting up of the Frog Group teachers. And would like to help us keep two wonderful teachers together, please sign the petition.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

-A parent from the Frog Group

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