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Keeping Nestlé out of Cascade Locks!

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Cascade Locks, Oregon is a city of natural beauty, but it's in danger of making a grave mistake. It is currently being preyed upon by Nestlé who is looking to set up a bottling plant to collect the spring water that runs through the Columbia Gorge, bottle it, and then sell it for 123,456 times its value. To the struggling economy of Cascade Locks, Nestlé's proposed bottling plant sounds like a miracle. But it's so far from that.

Nestlé's promises of a healthier economy, lower unemployment rate and little to no environmental impact might sound familiar to you. Probably because they promised the same things in Maine, Mecosta County, Shapleigh, New England, Florida, Chaffe County, Wekepeke Reservoir in Massachusetts, Fryeburg, Kennebunk, and New Haven in Wisconsin. Nestlé promised the town of McCloud in California a boost in their economy by employing 240 people, but most of the jobs ended up going to out-of-towners. Nestlé promises only 53 jobs to come out of the bottling plant, how many do you think will go to the people of Cascade Locks? In these locations, either the people stood up against Nestlé and literally banned them from their town, or they allowed Nestlé to sneak in and ravage the natural beauty by stealing this natural resource and then leaving the town more hopeless then before. Stop Nestlé from entering Cascade Locks and sign this petition to show them we DO care.

Stop trying to dry up our rivers and streams, stop trying to steal our water, stop lying, stop breaking promises, stop profiting off the losses of economically poor communities and stop the dumping of over 245,625 tons (491,250,000 pounds) of plastic bottles into land fills annually, stop Nestlé from entering Cascade Locks and please sign this petition to show them we DO care!


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