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Keeping Military Families Together Act

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The Military Family Proximity Protection Act

Section 1.0 - Summary
Section 1.1 - Purpose
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1.0 Summary: U.S. Military service members and their families make sacrifices daily as part of their commitment to protect the American way of life.  A golden opportunity exists, for you, dear reader, to make a difference.  Please assist us with asking Congress to look at how military servicememembers are assigned. We are requesting that Congress cuts the red tape, opens the floor for dialog, and encourages a more concerted effort to keep servicemembers in closer proximity to their families (when feasible).

1.1 Purpose: This petition is designed to address U.S. Congressional and Department of Defense Leadership and to encourage open dialog regarding a fundamental aspect of being in the military: assignments.

1.2 Introduction: Military Career Managers/Advisors assign servicemembers in accordance with priorities established by their respective services. These assignments are for specific locations, to perform a specific function, and for a specific amount of time.  The assignments are refined using a certain set of  algorithms such as: rank, job title or experience.  The military also has an Exceptional Family Member (EFMP) program which ensures that family members with special needs are considered.  I am recommending realistic modifications to assignment algorithms to fulfill the needs of the military and to fulfill the needs of the servicemember.

1.2 Call to Action:
  1.  I need your help to propose that the Congress acts swiftly to protect our military parents fighting for more than their country, but for a safe and secure future for our children.
  2.  Let's look at the economic advantage of not moving individuals and wasting tax dollars.
  3.  Let's help fight the military suicide epidemic by closing another loop.  

1.3 -  Request List:

  1.  Keep Military Families together as best as possible:
     a.  Consider circumstances where Servicemembers do not have custody of dependent children but still need to play an active role in the child’s life.
  2.  Eliminate loopholes that allow personnel managers to overlook individual circumstances and disregard service members.
  3.  Consider the cost-effectiveness of geographical Maintaining stability.
  4. Prohibit Permanent Changes of Station for Service members who have children enrolled in school during  any school year.
  5.  Prohibit Permanent Changes of Station for Service members who are applying for command sponsorship, applying for immigration for spouses, or have personnel issues -- 100% confirmation of command sponsorship and granting of spouse visas are some examples of actions that need to be finished before moving. Prohibit punishment if Service Member provides reasonable proof that he/she is being proactive.
  6.  If a Service Member goes to a deploying unit (leaves family behind) and is not deployed for reasons other than administrative actions, then the Service Member must be returned to the location previously left or provided a different assignment to permit reunification with family.
  7.  If a Service Member gets stationed overseas, prohibit consecutive assignments (at the Servicemembers request) to locations excessively far from 3/4 of immediate family and/or children.

Section 3 - Full Text

Section 4 - Statistics

Section 5 - Questions and Answers:

Section 6 - Plan of Action:
  1.  This is not the final proposal, after receiving CONSTRUCTIVE feedback, I will refine my request. The principle will remain the same -- Keep us with our kids, keep us in the ranks, keep our country safe. Lets focus together on the other possible benefits associated should we be successful.
  2.  My proposal does not advocate for parents separated because of abuse, or criminal actions, or other activities that led to the loss of custodial rights. I am looking at those parents who show up to work everyday, do the right thing, and are fueled by the desire to take care of our children.

Section 7 - Version History
  20130311 - Worked on Section 1; rephrased the summary; added petition purpose; added petition introduction; deleted contents section;
  20130309 - Added requests to petition front page;
  20130306 - Established Letter to Congressman; refined request specifics;
  20130305 - Petition Started; Original Title “Military Family Proximity Act”

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