We demand this government stops undermining our current legal rights

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Raimo Kangasniemi
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Recently, the government has fallen foul of the law, and found itself checked by legal decisions, brought about by citizens' appeals. The government now, as a result wants to curb the power of the courts, so that the law can be broken with impunity., and your rights to justice ignored.

It claims judges are interfering in politics, which is untrue; the courts simply  follow and interpret our existing laws. They, the politicians, in fact. wish to interfere with the courts.

An independent and impartial judiciary is the bedrock of democracy, ensuring that no-one is above the law, and all have fair and equal access to it. It must not be used to suit and enable the passing whims of any political party.

Moreover, by opting out of the EU Convention on Human Rights, many of our current egal rights are threatened, and we would have no right of appeal via judicial review.

We need to support our law courts and ourselves against such political 'dirty-dealing'.