Keep Yaldira Felix in the Amherst Schools!

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Yaldira Felix has not been hired for any position for the 2018-19 school year.  We cannot lose her. We need the school committee and the superintendent to find her a place so she can continue working on her licensure and return to her rightful place as Wildwood Vice Principal.

Yaldira is a skilled bilingual administrator, beloved by students and parents alike, and brings many years of clinical experience working with students and families.  Yaldira demonstrated incredible energy, commitment, and care for Wildwood's students. She is eligible to work as the school adjustment counselor in the Middle School, but she has not been hired.

Latino/Latinx students are the fastest growing group of students in the Amherst schools, so bilingual, bicultural staff are needed now, more than ever. 

The parents and the students were led to believe that Yaldira would have a place either at Wildwood or at another school in the district. She is being removed from her position as the vice principal of Wildwood Elementary, where she has served for two years, even though she could continue on with an interim license for one more year, while she finishes her licensure.  Don't let this happen! Show your support for Yaldira!

My son, pictured above, wrote her a note at the end of the year that said "Please stay until I graduate." I don't know how to tell him she won't be there to greet him this fall.