Keep Windsurfing in the Olympics for 2024

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Keep Windsurfing in the Olympics for 2024

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Olympic Windsurfing started this petition to World Sailing President Kim Andersen and

Windsurfing is once again in danger of being removed from the Olympic Games.  Currently, a committee in World Sailing has placed the RS:X class under review.  This means windsurfing is again in competition with kiteboarding as an Olympic event.

The voting process has begun this month, January 2018.  We need your support and energy to be sure there is an Olympic future for our sport!  Sign here if you support windsurfing as an Olympic class, and be sure to contact your sailing federation, the World Sailing Olympic Events Committee, and the World Sailing Council, all of whom have a vote in this matter, and may not come from a position of understanding what a great sport windsurfing is!  (Emails below).

World Sailing Council

Mohamed Atbi (ALG):

Cary Lee Byerley (ANT):

Pablo Masseroni (ARG):

Sarah Kenny (AUS):

Torben Grael (BRA):

Kamen Fillyov (BUL): 

Peter Hall (CAN):

Quanhai Li (CHN):

John Tierney (COK):

Totos Theodossiou (CYP):

Hans Natrop (DEN):

Kim Andersen (DEN):

Hector Duval (DOM):

Jean-Luc Denecheau (FRA):

Dick Batt (GBR):

Goetz-Ulf Jungmichel (GER):

Nadine Stegenwalner (GER):

Warwick Downes (HKG):

Georgy Wossala (HUN):

Marcus Spillane (IRL):

Ulfur Hrobjartsson (ISL):

Walter Cavallucci (ITA):

Takao Otani (JPN):

Jan Dawson (NZL):

Tomasz Chamera (POL):

Philip Baum (RSA):

Oleg Ilyin (RUS):

Sheikh Khaled Zayed S Alnehayan (UAE):

Scott Perry (URU):

Cory Sertl (USA):

Gary Bodie (USA):

Gary Jobson (USA):

Yann Rocherieux (FRA Athletes Committee):

Markus Schwendtner (GER Classes’ Representative):

Olympic Events Committee

Sarah Kenny (AUS):
Guillaume Chiellino (FRA):
David Abercrombie (NZL):
Ozlem Akdurak (TUR):
Philip Baum (RSA):
Gary Bodie (USA):
John Derbyshire (GBR):
Polina Golovina (BLR):
Fiona Kidd (CAN):
Ferran Muniesa (ESP):
Takao Otani (JPN):
Stefan Rahm (SWE):
Ben Remocker (CAN):
Riccardo Simoneschi (ITA):
Sofia Tedin (ARG):
ChangCheng Zhou (CHN):
Sofia Bekatorou (GRE):

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This petition had 23,213 supporters