Keep Twisted Okie Food Truck on Mayport Base

Keep Twisted Okie Food Truck on Mayport Base

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Started by Erin M

"Attention to all our fans at Mayport Naval Base!!! It saddens us to say that we will only be out serving our loyal customers, our men and women in service, and civilians, at Mayport through the rest of the month of April. 


For the last 3 yrs, my wife, family, and I have made many friends with all of you. We established a very successful small business at Mayport, just to find out that the NEX no longer wishes to continue contracts with the food trucks. This will really have a major impact on us at Twisted Okie BBQ & Tacos.


Below you will see the following dates that we will be at our regular location, in the lawn by the NEX, on base. We hope that you, our loyal fans, can make it by to see us.


Wed 4/6

Wed 4/13

Wed 4/20

Wed 4/27

Fri 4/29


We know this saddens you as much as it does us. Hopefully if enough of you get the word out to the right people, about how much you want us to continue services at Mayport, maybe they will reconsider renewing our contracts. So please, any help would be greatly appreciated. We love you all!!"

181 have signed. Let’s get to 200!