Keep Travis Ross at MCHS

Keep Travis Ross at MCHS

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Started by Kayne Carter

Here at MCHS, one of the most liked teachers, Mr. Ross has been pink slipped one day before his tenured, meaning he wouldn’t be able to get fired after that, the principal told him she didn’t see any growth with him but during her evaluations with Mr. Ross our principle had nothing but good things to say…

Travis ross has had plenty of teacher growth over the 4 years he’s been here, he’s well educated and is one of the few teachers that you can really talk to about your problems. He’s a great teacher, and he’s a great leader. He strives to keep on onto the right track, and encourages us to do our best always.

to a lot of students this hurt. My self and all of my friends included. Mr ross should be welcomed here! The board office should be more worried about the students, and what we feel like we need in order to strive in MCHS. We need more people like Ross, he always finds ways to help us engage and strive in our class room settings. 

Ross one one of the very few teachers we have that we can really relate to, he knows how to keep us engaged in our work, and he pushes us to our very best. Ross is more than qualified to continue teaching here at MCHS!!!

If the MCHS board office is reading this, we all ask you to professionally reconsider Mrs mccoys decision on Travis’s Pink slip.

The comments show for itself how important Ross was to people here at MCHS!!

contact our superintendent here

be respectful with your emails!!

1,517 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!