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Petitioning Iowa City Community School District Board of Directors

Keep Transition Services Center in a location that best supports its mission and integrity.

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Letter to
Iowa City Community School District Board of Directors
For the past seven years, the Transition Services Center (TSC) in the Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD) has provided community-based education and training for special education students ages 18-21. With its mission of increasing levels of independence for students in their home and in the community, the TSC has been able to use its location at Eastdale Plaza to teach and practice independent living, working and social skills in a range of authentic “real-world” settings.

The ICCSD is currently considering moving the TSC to some other location, including options in primarily residential settings that do not offer many of the opportunities and advantages currently available through the TSC’s current location.

We, as concerned community members of the Iowa City Community School District, ask the ICCSD Board of Directors to

a) establish a thoughtful, transparent and inclusive process for considering and making recommendations for the future location of the Transition Services Center; and

b) in support of this process, direct the District to create a diverse advisory board made up of administrators, teachers, parents, students and community/business representatives who partner with the TSC, with the charge to thoroughly research and recommend possible future locations that will best support the mission and integrity of the TSC.

In making this request of the ICCSD Board of Directors, we the undersigned wish to demonstrate our support of these students, their guardians and the professionals and local businesses who work with them. Thank you.