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The Grand Canyon is perhaps the greatest natural wonder in North America. If you caught Ken Burns' documentary series on National Parks you know that it was for years threatened by mining and reservoir building. Well, the region is still threatened.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is proposing to ban new mining claims on nearly one million acres of federal land surrounding the Grand Canyon to protect the Grand Canyon watershed from the many adverse impacts of mining. This is great news, but the Bureau of Land Management is still considering the proposal. 

Please tell the BLM that you support the proposed mineral withdrawal as a step towards permanently preserving this critical region.

Want to know more? You should take a look at this page over on for more complete background on the uranium mining proposals, the 1872 mining law and more.

Thank you for all you do!

Letter to
Arizona Strip District Manager, Bureau of Land Management Scott Florence
I strongly support the proposal to withdraw the public land from mining activities. The Grand Canyon watershed is ecologically significant and provides important water resources to the western states. The threats posed by uranium mining are unjustifiable in such an important area.

Congress is considering pieces of legislation this year that could reform the 1872 Mining Law, change uranium mining on public lands to a leasing mechanism, and permanently withdraw the lands surrounding Grand Canyon National Park from mining. Until Congress decides how to best permanently protect the Grand Canyon watershed from uranium mining, BLM should withdraw these lands from new mining claims.

Mining companies have been allowed to run roughshod over our public lands, without proper environmental protections and without giving the American people a fair return for use of our lands. I urge BLM to protect our significant landscapes, such as the Greater Grand Canyon, from the adverse effects of mining by withdrawing the surrounding lands from mineral exploration and mining.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

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