Keep the Silverstream Spur for Nature and the Community, Free from Development.

Keep the Silverstream Spur for Nature and the Community, Free from Development.

27 September 2022
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Upper Hutt City Council
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Why this petition matters

Started by Save The Spur

Please help to ensure the Silverstream Spur remains free from any form of development or transport/infrastructure corridor by signing this petition seeking that Upper Hutt City Council: 

  • Include the entire 35.5 hectares of the Silverstream Spur in Plan Change 49,
  •  Zone the entirety of the Spur as Natural Open Space,
  • Disallow any special zoning provisions for any road or infrastructure/transport corridor, or similar proposal, on the Spur, now and in future, and
  • Commences the process to designate the entire Spur as a Reserve, with the outcome being that it will be designated according to the Reserves Act 1977.

The Silverstream Spur has long been threatened with development in various forms, going back several decades, with the latest plan (by Upper Hutt City Council and a neighbouring land owner) being to develop a transport and infrastructure corridor, well over 1 kilometer in length, taking away nearly 10% of the Spur, to the neighbouring, privately-owned property earmarked for greenfield development of over 1600 houses.

It has been the longstanding wish of the community that the Spur must be retained by as a Natural Open Space so it can be protected from development and enjoyed by current and future generations. This was the original intention upon its purchase by the Upper Hutt City Council in 1990, using funds set aside for the creation of reserves.

The Spur comprises over 35 hectares of regenerating native vegetation and a former pine plantation at the boundary of Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt. It is a very important part of the ecological corridor linking birds and other wildlife in Wainuiomata with Akatarawa, crossing at the narrowest part of the Hutt Valley. The Spur is also a beautiful ‘green gateway’ for the city of Upper Hutt.

Other areas of concern are:

  • Destruction of native bush habitat for the construction of the road/infrastructure corridor, and ongoing disruption to native wildlife movements.
  • The lack of transparency from UHCC during the whole process; the land was originally purchased with money collected by Council for the creation and maintenance of reserves.
  • The strong likelihood of land disturbance and additional storm water from the construction of the road/infrastructure corridor. This has potential to impact the Silver Stream Railway and neighbouring suburbs.
  • The potential for future residential development to occur on the Spur, with the potential reverse sensitivity effects on the operation of Silver Stream Railway.
  • The loss of the important ecological and amenity values of the Spur, even in part.
  • The developers have several other access options, none have which have been explored, as using the publicly owned Spur is ‘easier’ and would be at a much lower cost to them.

This petition will be presented to Upper Hutt City Council as part of a submission on Plan Change 49 Open Space Strategy.

Save The Spur is a collaborative effort between Forest and Bird Upper Hutt Branch, Silver Stream Railway Incorporated, and a number of individuals who are concerned that this land will be lost to future generations if this plan goes ahead. The group have been working together for years now to achieve the goal of seeing the Silverstream Spur free from any form of development, to allow it to be enjoyed by future generations.

For further information, please see our websites:
Silver Stream Railway: Silverstream Spur
Forest and Bird Upper Hutt Branch: Silverstream Spur

Support now
Signatures: 1,600Next goal: 2,500
Support now

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