Keep the Russian Embassy in Australia

Keep the Russian Embassy in Australia

11 April 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Alex Fedorov

Keep the Russian Embassy in Australia!

In recent days, the Australian-Russian community has watched on in horror as many countries around the world create acts of prejudice and bullying against their own Russian immigrants and citizens.

We are calling on the Australian Government to do more to support the Russian Embassy in Australia to stem the tide of discrimination against the Russians who now call Australia their home.

The Russian-Australians need the continuing support of a Russian Embassy in Australia!

We urge the Government to keep diplomatic ties with our Russian Embassy and keep us safe! The huge diaspora will be abandoned without a Russian Embassy and Russian-Australians will be left without consular services.

Without Russian consular services Russian-Australians will have no access to their country of origin passports, pension management services, notary support or general help with Russian related matters.

Russians living in Australia chose to live in Australia for a better life and have left behind at great cost often parents, siblings, family, friends and the sick, and even sometimes their children to find and make their homes in Australia.

As a country that was proudly founded on the principles of freedom and democracy, Australia must, in good faith, continue to allow Russian diplomats to work in Australia to support its Russian people.

One of the primary purposes of the Russian embassy in Australia is to be able to assist and support approximately 80,000 Russian Australians.

It is extremely important to maintain diplomatic representation of all ethnic groups in Australia including the Australian-Russian community.

Your support is vital to keeping the Russian Embassy and to make sure, that Australian - Russian Community is not abandoned.

Please acknowledge your support for keeping the Russian Embassy and Consulate General in Australia by signing this petition today.

Your prompt action is required.  Please act now before it's too late.

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Signatures: 3,102Next goal: 5,000
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