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Keep the one and only consultation clinic for toxic fume victims in Germany in service!


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Do you know that when you get off the plane in anticipation of your holiday, but feel dazed and have flu-like symptoms, such as headaches and nausea, you may have become a victim of contaminated cabin air?

As you can see from the media, hardly one day passes without reports about so-called "fume events" in passenger aircraft. Because of some serious health problems, hundreds of affected pilots, cabin crew members and passengers were looking for help at the Work&Environmental Medicine out-patient department of the University Medical Center Göttingen during 2016.

Since mid-2016 there had been an unexpected decline in the number of employees at the centre. Currently, the dedicated "Fume Event" office is manned only with one physician and her research assistant. As a result, the necessary examinations, consultations, writing of reports and follow-up care can only be guaranteed exclusively for patients who have been accepted so far and only with long waiting times.
With effect from 19.12.2016 no acutely affected patients can be accepted due to a resource bottleneck. As a result, the affected person will have the problem, in addition to the possible damage caused by "Fume Event“ exposure and the resulting health issues,

to not have an experienced location for consultations and examination in all of Germany!

PD Dr. Heutelbeck’s team has gained an unparalleled competence over years of research into possible poisoning by toxic cabin air and the illness-related consequences. If victims of contaminated cabin air poisoning are not taken care off within a certain time frame, their health issues can worsen drastically and increases the danger of them loosing their income, lively-hood and their jobs due to ‚loss of license’ (pilots) and loss of medical, first aid and emergency licensure (cabin crew) which results in a forced retirement on medical grounds. Plus as it is for affected passengers, the loss of their good health and ability to work due to nervous system injury and severe lung function problems.

Please support this petition for the sake of "Fume Event" victims and the continuation of professional consultations in the „Labor, Social and Environmental Medicine Outpatient Department“ of the University Medical Center in Göttingen.

For the Future! 

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