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Mayor Jeff Johnson has proposed to eliminate the municipal court of Lake Forest Park. The Mayor’s plan comes after a history of several annexations that have allowed the residents of Lake Forest Park to have a stronger communal voice upon which the city was founded upon.

If the mayor’s proposal to contract with King County for City Court services is approved, this will have detrimental affects to the residents of Lake Forest Park.


§  The judge position would be eliminated.

§  The Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Youth Court, a state-renowned program Judge Portnoy participates in would be eliminated.

§  Judge Portnoy would no longer be in position to mentor other judges that serve other cities and districts.

§  The impact this would have for the police department has not been explained.

§  All court handlings would be transferred to King County District Court, an overpopulated court system that processes cases on a first come, first serve basis.

§  Loss of substantial city revenue could mean increased taxes and reduced services.

The mayor’s announcement came to the City Council on March 30, 2017 via desk memo and gave a less than 12 hour notice to call a special City Council “Committee of the Whole” meeting concerning this matter, bypassing city employees and residents of Lake Forest Park. As further proof of this, the agenda for the regular City Council meeting on April 13, 2017 was released the same day. City employees and residents have not been given the time they deserve to offer their opinion on this matter.

There has not been a specific reason stated of why the mayor has made this proposal. He has moderately addressed his concern that City Hall is not a “safe and secure building,” but has not explained this concern in detail. If space is an issue, why not propose renting a space in the shopping center for overflow. There are too many issues of greater concern. Why target a department that is a cornerstone of our government and one that makes the City of Lake Forest Park independent of larger bureaucracy? Bigger is not always better.

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