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Keep The Keystone XL Pipeline Off My Land

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If someone tried to run a giant polluting sewer line through your backyard, you’d yell and scream and try to stop them, right?

That’s exactly what TransCanada, a foreign oil company, is trying to do to my family and me. They want to run a sprawling oil pipeline, called Keystone XL, from the tar sands of Alberta to the Gulf Coast, carrying nearly one million barrels of tar sands oil per day through thousands of miles of the American heartland.

I’m left with one question: why me?

There are a thousand reasons why Keystone XL is a terrible idea, but it all comes down to this: This pipeline will damage the very fabric of our heartland, putting my family and our neighbors in York, Nebraska in danger.

Environmentally, this pipeline would be a disaster. Tar sand oil is one of the dirtiest types of fuel to produce, emitting three times more carbon dioxide than conventional oil. According to the National Resources Defense Council, the Keystone XL project would add up to 1.2 billion metric tons of carbon pollution to our fragile environment, further exacerbating climate change. That’s more than can possibly be offset – ever.

Even more terrifying, this pipeline creates a persistent threat of a devastating oil spill. Anywhere along its 2,000-mile length, that pipeline could burst – and tragedy would follow for the people along the path. Keystone XL is simply an ecological disaster waiting to happen.

Economically, Keystone XL is no better news. Recent estimates have shown that the price of gas in Midwestern towns like mine would skyrocket if the pipeline got built, adding up to $440 to my family’s yearly gas bill. Even worse, the jobs promised by TransCanada are a myth. President Obama recently said the project would create only 50 or so permanent jobs, and TransCanada agreed. 50 jobs. That's it.

To build this pipeline, TransCanada will stop at nothing. This company is using its financial resources to buy off state and local governments, seize public and private land for its own purposes, and force citizens like me out of their homes.

Sign my letter today to TransCanada CEO Russ Girling today.

- Susan Dunavan from York, NE

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