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Stop the Censorship Conspiracy between Facebook and Youtube

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We would like to bring to your attention a very serious attempt to squash freedom of speech by Facebook and YouTube.

The Facebook page "theycan't" has used modern book burning worse than anytime in our history and conspired to take Jim Rizoli and others off YouTube, here is their recent braggadocio off their Facebook site and the progress report against video producer Jim Rizoli by the
"theyCan't" people.

"They Can't
1 hour ago ·
Job done!
Finally, Youtube removed this "Jim Rizoli" account we fought for 2 days.
2 days were enough to destroy:
- 700 videos
- 8 years of activity on Youtube
- 1,584 subscribers
- 615,289 total video views!
Racism, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial are not part of "free speech", those are crimes, condemned in most modern countries, and WE WON'T STOP till those crimes are eradicated from the internet! Thank you all for the great job!"

Facebook is getting people to LIE about videos they haven't even watched claiming "hate speech" and these individuals are going to YouTube and filing complaints against people whose only crime is having an opinion that differs from Jewish history.
Apparently to them, that is "hate". Which seems strange indeed when according to the rules of Facebook

they, Facebook, "encourage(s) you to challenge ideas, institutions, events, and practices"......

Individuals who "challenge ideas, institutions, events, and practices".are now having their YouTube accounts deleted some going back as 8 years by this reverse campaign of hate and censorship. Obviously Facebook and YouTube are working here in tandem.

Personally, this seems to be a misuse of Facebook and a form of bullying peoples free thought and opinions and a form of internet censorship.

It is one thing to personally be offended by someone's videos, another to be used to file complaints when you have never watched the video you're complaining about.

Proof they don't watch the videos?
Notice out of their own mouths

I know how it can be difficult, in this period of the year, to confront so much hate… But don't watch those videos, JUST REPORT THEM!

The "theycan't" people are also claiming criminal activity on behalf of these YouTube video producers when none has been established in a court of Law here in the USA.

This has to stop.

Please look into this.

Joe & Jim Rizoli
Framingham MA USA

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