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The Human Rights Act is a cornerstone of UK constitutional law. It enshrines a set of principles that ensures the government treats people with dignity. Unfortunately, this legal protection of our civic rights is under threat.

The Conservative-led government want to repeal this Act under the banner of "deporting foreign criminals". Abu Qatadas are very rare, whereas the same provisions of the Act are the only thing preventing the asylum policy of this government sending vulnerable asylum seekers back to persecution or even death. 

Theresa May will not tell you of the good human rights lawyers have brought about since the commencement of the human rights act, of the injustices that it has been used to prevent. Without this vital instrument, this government will continue to erode your rights in innumerable ways - don't let them do this in the name of anti-immigration sentiment. 

Letter to
Home Secretary and Member of Parliament for Maidenhead Rt Hon Theresa May MP
UK Parliament Theresa May
Please end your rhetoric about scrapping the Human Rights Act. This legislation is vital in protecting the dignity and civic freedoms of people living in the UK. We do not trust you, considering the "illegal immigrants stay because they have a cat"-style statements have no basis in legal fact, or that for every Qatada the legislation prevents your government sending thousands of vulnerable people back to famine, war and persecution.

I and those who sign this petition expect a more civic rights-minded approach from a government minister.

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