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Honorable Governor Rick Scott’s response

Honorable Governor Rick Scott
Office of the Governor Rick Scott

Jul 30, 2013 — The state incentive created countless jobs and opportunities for local industry professionals and lent a huge boost to small and large businesses alike. The production cost to film a single episode can exceed the 200k mark and cutting the Film Tax Incentive will put Florida at a huge competitive disadvantage with neighboring states. The 'Lure' to film here in Florida will soon be lost and for production offices, it will be simpler to seek shoot locations elsewhere, where the incentives are booming in states such as Georgia, Louisiana and others. Let's face it, if the incentive is gone so are our opportunities as Actors, Technicians, Artists, Drivers, Caterers, Suppliers, Electricians, Security personnel, Makeup artists, etc. We'd like to keep our jobs!