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Keep the Coal Export Terminal Out of Washington

Out-of-state interests are pushing Longview, Washington to build a coal export facility to enable coal companies to export Montanan coal to China.  The facility would create 21 jobs more than the site's current tenant.  That is the only benefit it would provide the community.

At the same time, more than 5 million tons of coal per year would rumble through Longview, causing local air pollution and endangering fish and wildlife in and around the Columbia River.  Furthermore, even if everything goes according to plan, everyone pays the price when that coal reaches China and emits its greenhouse gases into our shared atmosphere.

Nobody benefits from this project except coal companies.  Ask Washington Governor Chris Gregoire to block this senseless facility. 

Letter to
Governor Jay Inslee
I am worried about plans for the coal export terminal west of Longview currently proposed by Millennium Bulk Logistics. I urge you to intervene on behalf of your constituents to block this raw deal for Washington.

Helping coal companies sell Montana’s coal to China will not help Washington. Longview residents would suffer air pollution from transported coal dust and risk contamination of the Columbia River. And even if everything works perfectly, all Washingtonians would just have their air further polluted by more greenhouse gases emitted from Chinese coal plants. That’s not worth a handful of jobs.

There are better, cleaner ways to create jobs in Longview. How about a renewable energy project that will put Washington even further on the path to a sustainable, energy independent future?

Washington has an exemplary environmental record so far. I hope you will do what is necessary to keep it.

Please block this project.

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