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Raul and Judy Cardenas have been married for eight years with three children - their daughter, plus two sons from Judy's previous marriage who call Raul "Papi."  The Cardenases are like many American families except that Raul was born in Mexico and faces deportation in April -- their family will soon be torn apart *unless you help*.

Despite the fact that he is married to a U.S. citizen, and the father of another U.S. citizen, Raul is an undocumented worker and is scheduled to be deported by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in April.  There is currently no pathway to legal U.S. residency for him.

DHS has the discretion to defer Raul's case -- they have deferred similar cases -- but they need to feel political pressure.   Please sign the petition to halt the deportation of Jose Raul Cardenas Gonzalez of Denver.  Keep the Cardenas family together.


Letter to
Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano
Director, ICE John Morton
Representative Diana DeGette
and 3 others
Senator Mark Udall
Senator Michael Bennet
Representative Jared Polis
I am writing to ask you to help keep the Cardenas family of Denver, CO together.

Jose Raul Cardenas Gonzalez -- husband to U.S. citizen Judy, father of U.S. citizen children, and valued member of the Denver community -- is scheduled to be deported in April 2011. Despite a loving marriage of eight years and counting, Raul has no way to gain legal residency in the U.S. The Cardenas family will be torn apart unless you intervene.

Thank you.

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