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Keep the cancer-causing chemicals out of our water!

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When you turn on your faucet or jump into a body of water, do you ever think “this might cause cancer?” Unfortunately, if you live in Florida you might have to start thinking about that. The Environmental Regulation Commission (ERC) in Florida just voted in favor of increasing the amounts of cancer-causing chemicals allowed in the waterways, higher than the limits set for the rest of the US by the EPA.

I’m a Floridian, and my mother just finished chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. My eyes have been opened to the many places carcinogens lurk -- they’re everywhere, and now they’ll be in our water and seafood! Water is vital to nearly every activity in Florida, so why did our officials elect to endanger it?

The answer might have to do with money. One chemical in particular sticks out, benzene, and is a key chemical used in oil fracking. This vote will nearly double the amount of benzene allowed in our water, which might entice fracking companies to move to Florida. We want the next generation to be better off than we were and we all must stand together against this injustice!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) still has to sign off on this decision that the ERC so carelessly made, before it is official. Please join me in urging the EPA to block this decision! This impacts everyone in the country who travels to, eats fish from, or swims in Florida!

Please sign this petition and let's let our voices be heard by those at the EPA who can help us.

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