Keep the Boulevard on the Boulevard!

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While we understand the reasoning behind the relocation of the Boulevard to the "Mustang Mall" and the efforts put forth by the Department of Athletics, Student Affairs and various stakeholders to improve pre-game and in-game experience, we believe moving the Boulevard is a GRAVE mistake in which SMU football and the tradition of "Boulevarding" will not recover. The Boulevard should be kept on the Boulevard for these reasons:

1. Boulevarding is one of SMU's longest standing traditions, loved by students and alumni alike

2. The Boulevard, in its stunning tree-lined original location, is one of the biggest pulls for prospective students, losing the Boulevard on the Boulevard= losing students

3. These trees provide shade on hot Dallas days, students and fans will seek shade or not show at all if they are boiling on concrete- the concrete creates a liability in itself!

4. Students want to be in close proximity to their families and alumni, as Boulevarding has become a family event and fantastic networking opportunity

5. Not only will moving the Boulevard discourage attendance, but it will start to ruin Boulevarding. We firmly believe that the attendance of games will go down, as well as attendance of the Boulevard itself. Students will stay at their pre-parties and not show at all.

The plan to move the Boulevard, in our opinion, will completely backfire, and Boulevarding will cease to exist. We love SMU. We love the tradition. We love the boulevard on the Boulevard. Viva La Boulevard!

On behalf of the SMU Community, composed by Daniel Jacobs and Maggie Klimuszko