Keep the Bloorview Integrated Kindergarten Program open.

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CLARIFICATION - ONLY IKP is closing, Bloorview will remain open.

I'm clarifying that it is ONLY the Integrated Kindergarten Program that the Bloorview School Authority Board of Trustees decided to close for 2017-2018. All other classes at Bloorview will continue. My sincere apologies if this was misunderstood so please feel free to withdraw your support if that was the case. I and others are overwhelmed by the many, many touching personal comments regarding IKP and Paul. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and if you haven't I urge you to share your story. To the Board of Trustees and Bloorview School Authority, we know you are supportive of the IKP and it must have been a difficult decision but the IKP community is ready to make one last try for this year. It takes a big person to make big decisions but it takes a bigger one to change that decision. Please be the bigger person and reconsider - we are only asking for a few more weeks. Together we can do it. Don't Break the Magic...

Kelly Miki
5 years ago