Keep the Homeless Emergency Storm Shelter OPEN ALL YEAR!

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Having an Emergency Storm Shelter for the homeless available evenings only during inclement weather is a temporary band-aid solution for the unhoused population on Berkeley' streets. Having a year round drop-in center with showers, bathrooms, storage, breakfast and dinner as well as space for 90+ overnight guests is creating something closer to really looking at the bigger picture and at least a start that will work!

To plan to have the shelter at 9th Street and University close down on the same day that the new Pathways project is scheduled to open with a capacity to hold only 50 people in the navigation center for a term of only 6 months as the city attempts to find housing for them seems criminal….


 If there is any, it escapes us… WE SAY, “SAVE THE SHELTER!”

If $100,000 was donated to make Pathways pretty with paint and plants, We are sure more money could be found to support a 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week shelter to relieve the crises we have today.

We believe that local businesses and citizens would gladly donate more money or time, to help resolve the situation facing our neighbors, the “economic refugees” of our city.

So what can we do??? WE SAY, “SAVE THE SHELTER!”

June 30th Pathways opens with 50 beds for 6 months, in hopes to find housing for all.

June 30th the Storm Shelter on 9th St/University CLOSES, putting close to 100 people back on the streets every night! Further, some who were employed in the shelter get put OUT of WORK!

Dorothy Day House did a fabulous job running the shelter, both according to the City of Berkeley and the 600+ unique residents (over 60% of the estimate of those that are unhoused in Berkeley) that got to spend an evening indoors rather than:

• the cold wet concrete, huddled in doorways, shielded by boxes or garbage cans;

• living in what, to many, just looked like a dump, with all their worldly possessions;

• some formed communities of tents; some camps even had solar panels providing electricity that refrigerated food, charged phones and wheelchairs, hauling their own trash and having neighbors help take it to the dump

SOLUTION!!! A Win Win Solution!

Let Dorothy Day House continue their work! They would finally end up with an address and an office they so rightly deserve.  They could continue the breakfast they already serve, and the dinners they were serving in the shelter daily. The City of Berkeley would no longer need to pay them to run the winter shelter at night. This portion would continue to be run on the same lottery system they use now.

AND The building could be used as a drop-in center during the daytime. A computer lab? TV? Who knows what we could have there. I am sure Dorothy Day House would know.                                                                                                           

AND The storage for the unhoused, promised by City Council, could be placed either inside or outside the building, giving those that used them 24/7 access to their belongings. The city states they will get them built, we have the money to do that.

AND Showers could be installed, along with actual restrooms, even reasonably priced washers and dryers, bringing some revenue to the city! With a little work, We bet we could find donations for a lot of this, both labor and products. Even if the city need find some money to cover cost and insurance, etc. it increases the property vale of the building!

WHY SHUT THE SHELTER?? To find other tenants? Leave it empty?

Pathways is a gamble costing more than $2.3 million dollars!!!!  To do this plan is pennies in comparison! AND it is step in the right direction!

Afraid the housed don’t approve? This petition was written to show you the public agrees with this or similar proposal.

We ask that the shelter at 1925 Ninth St remain open all year! IT COULD BE A WIN WIN SOLUTION! DO NOT CLOSE THE SHELTER AT 1925 Ninth St.



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