Save The Associated Supermarket

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Associated Supermarket given 90 days to be removed from the community!

Residents of the Crown Heights community have benefited for more than 30 years from the Associated Supermarket's presence here on Nostrand Avenue and Empire Boulevard (975 Nostrand Ave.). 

AND WHEREAS during the COVID crisis, we would have had to travel far away to find quality foods reasonably priced, we didn't have to because the Associated was there to meet our needs. Unique for its parking lot access, the Associated supermarket is a community staple and would be devastating if it were to close.

Many of us are senior citizens, and persons with large families, losing the supermarket would be a tragedy to the community. Even missing the Associated for a day would endanger the health and well-being of the community.

The supermarket is also a major economic boon to the community, providing employment to scores of residents and has worked closely with Community Board 9, the 71st Precinct Community Council, Nonprofits and Block Associations in donating to their causes and providing free turkeys and free shopping for Seniors during the height of the COVID 19 crisis March - May of 2020, and for many years during the winter holidays. 

NOW THEREFORE, we are calling on the landlord to CEASE AND DESIST from the eviction, and on the City of New York to exert every effort to KEEP the ASSOCIATED OPEN!