Keep TDSB International Languages Elementary classes on Saturdays

Keep TDSB International Languages Elementary classes on Saturdays

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On May 13th, staff from TDSB presented a proposed balanced operating budget for 2019-2020 to Trustees. Over 7555 students speaking 50 languages in 29 sites will be affected if the Saturday TDSB ILE programs will be eliminated and 52 sites would need to be added to the after school program, at five classes per site with class average of 23. We question the efficiency of the proposal and ask for a re-evaluation to keep our ILE Saturday classes open.

The damage will be greater than the saving of $600.000 from ILE Program. The model of delivery proposed, discriminates against small communities. 

We need to keep our International Languages classes on Saturdays for the following reasons ( but not limited to): 

· Students come to classes rested and ready to learn versus the evening classes after the day school when the children are tired.

·  Languages are important for the future citizens of the global economic society.

· Saturday classes offer quality Program with single grade classes versus mixed age/grades multilevel classes with the weekday evening program.

· Parents as partners in education and tax payers prefer Saturday ILE Program because they are busy with work and other programs during the week.

Some of us will be attending TDSB Budget Consultations next week but ask all of the parents for support by signing this petition. 

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