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Keep Summer Sweet without Sugary Drinks

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The science is clear: Our kids are consuming too much sugar and it has serious implications for their future health. We're asking you to make a pledge to do one thing to help reduce children's intake of sugary drinks in your community. No action is too small. 

People like you are taking action across the country. For example, some people choose to: 

- Ask a local business to offer more healthy drink options.

- Ask their kids' summer camp to encourage parents to only pack water and discourage fruit drinks and sports drinks.

- Ask community leaders to improve water quality in parks and schools.

- Ask their dentists to talk to all their patients about the effects of sugary drinks.

- Serve or bring no-sugar drinks to their next community event. 

- Tell other parents and caregivers about how much sugar is in sports drinks, juice drinks and sodas and why they choose healthy drinks. 

Take the pledge to help your community have a sweeter summer with fewer sugary drinks.

Today: is counting on you needs your help with “Keep Summer Sweet without Sugary Drinks”. Join and 10,423 supporters today.