Keep Storey Park Safe!

Keep Storey Park Safe!

November 14, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Natalia Powers

Storey Park is located in one of Orlando's most thriving neighborhoods, Lake Nona. We are a safe and quiet community with residents whose primary goal is to provide the most family-friendly and welcoming environment for all. 

Unfortunately, Poulos & Bennett, a land-developing company with no understanding of our community, is planning on building a 325-unit, 5-story building, and 425 parking spaces right in the heart of our beloved neighborhood. 

Why is this a bad idea? 

  1. It is dangerous: This influx of residences means hundreds of cars will stream through our neighborhood, threatening our children, seniors, and pedestrians. Most middle school children in our community walk or ride their bikes to school. These many cars will make it unsafe for our kids to safely get to and from school. 
  2. It's too big: These new buildings will be at least 50 ft tall and will occupy the entire front block of our neighborhood. This project will substantially change the character of Storey Park, opening the door for similar detrimental developments. 
  3. It will reduce our ability to keep our neighborhood walkable and environmentally friendly: Storey Park is a solar community with many spaces for family-friendly outdoor activities. The homeowners and taxpayers are open to long-term mixed-used well-planned developments that align with that vision. In addition, the sudden heavy car traffic will affect our air quality, making our community less livable.
  4. It will not help the local economy: When we bought our homes, Lennar told us that this land was meant to be a town center. We expect a space where our residents can enjoy family activities while helping boost the local economy and small businesses. In addition, this could potentially impact the values of our homes due to the increased traffic and unsafe conditions of our roads. 
  5. It will increase the school's overcrowding issues: The schools in the Lake Nona area are already above capacity, and this new complex will significantly increase the student count making it harder for our children to have the high-quality education programming they deserve.
  6. Is Inconsistent With The Wewahootee Planned Development Master Plan: Wewahootee Planned Development has no retail or office space. In every version of the master plan, as well as the developer’s communication to Storey Park residents, the parcel in question was to be developed as commercial. In addition, a single-use multi-family development is inconsistent with the “neighborhood activity center zoning.” This zoning is designed for mixed-use sites blending retail, commercial, and other uses to create walkable neighborhoods or “town centers,” as the original developer categorized this parcel.
  7. The developer will not provide sufficient parking: The proposed density requires 517 parking spaces, but the developer has only agreed to build 378 open-use parking spaces. While the developer claims 548 parking spaces, 53 are on-street spaces shared with Storey Park, and 104 are garage spaces the developer cannot guarantee will be utilized for vehicle parking. Many garage spaces at similar apartment complexes are used for storage or remain vacant if not leased.

What can you do? 

  1. Send an email TODAY to Michele.Gibbs@Orlando.Gov, Planner for the City of Orlando, letting her know why the residents and taxpayers of Storey Park do not approve this project.
  2. Participate in the Municipal Planning Board meeting either in person or virtually
  3. Contact District 1 City Council Member Jim Gray at and voice your concerns. 
  4. Contact ALL other City of Orlando City Council Members and let them know why this is a bad idea and why they should vote to deny the petition from this developer. 
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Signatures: 2,054Next Goal: 2,500
Support now